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Discontinued Supplier AIRTECH MIAMI WHITE 24"X24"'S' NATURAL (drop:Apr/22) TSCFRXATMW2424 $5.25 SF 302
Discontinued Supplier ASPEN 4500-0053-1 ASH 8"X48" MATTE (drop:Apr/20) TSCFGANAAS848N $3.71 SF 778
Discontinued Supplier ASPEN 62-745 FRENCH OAK 6"X36" MATTE (drop:Apr/20) TSCFGANAFO636N $2.92 SF 53
Discontinued Supplier ASPEN 62-911 BEACHCOMBER 8X48 MATTE (drop:Apr/20) TSCFGANABC848N $3.71 SF 124
Discontinued Supplier BASALTINA ENERGY KER STONE 'S' GREY 24"X24" 2CM THICKNESS (drop:Nov/21) TSCFUEKBTH22424 $5.25 SF 12
Discontinued Supplier BASALTINA ENERGY KER STONE 'S' GREY 24"X24" 9MM THICKNESS (drop:Nov/21) TSCFUEKBTH92424 $5.25 SF 47
Discontinued Supplier CENTURIES PANAREA BLACK 'S' 12" X 12" NATURAL (drop:Nov/21) TSCFUCPPBL1212 $5.25 SF 139
Discontinued Supplier CITTA ATENE 12" X 24" 7 PC/CT (drop:Nov/22) TSCFCGCIAT1224 $0.99 SF 95
Discontinued Supplier CIVITAS WHITE 8"X16" NATURAL NON-RECTIFIED (drop:Jan/19) TSCFABCWH816 $2.00 SF 16
Discontinued Supplier CONTEMPORARY ANTHRACITE 18X36 NATURAL RECTIFIED (drop:Jan/21) TSCFASCOAN1836 $4.09 SF 60
Discontinued Supplier CONTRACT WHITE WALL WHT PENCIL 8" BULLNOSE (drop:Nov/22) TSCWMTWWMPBN $1.00 PC 491
Discontinued Supplier EKETREME DOLOMITE 48"X48" 'S' SEMI-POLISHED RECTIFIED (drop:Nov/21) TSCFEKEKDO4848P $5.25 SF 62
Discontinued Supplier ENGLISH BAY III AMBLESIDE SAND 4" X 12" (drop:Nov/22) TSCFGBEAS412 $0.49 SF 518
Discontinued Supplier ENGLISH BAY III BOARDWALK TAUPE 4"X12" (drop:Oct/22) TSCFGBEBT412 $0.49 SF 250
Discontinued Supplier ENGLISH BAY III WESTCOAST GREY 12" X 12" (drop:Apr/22) TSCFGBEWG12 $0.49 SF 4
Discontinued Supplier ESSENTIAL LEAF WHITE 5"X5" GLOSS (drop:Nov/19) TSCWINESLF5WHG $5.04 SF 14
Discontinued Supplier ESSENTIAL NOUDEL DECOR BLACK & WHITE 5" X 5" (drop:Nov/19) TSCWINESND5DBW $7.84 SF 21
Discontinued Supplier EVOLUTION DARK 12" X 24" (drop:May/19) TSCFUEMEVDK1224 $3.15 SF 47
Discontinued Supplier GRADIENT DECOR 3X12 SILVER 'S' GLOSSY (drop:Nov/21) TSCWDAGSILDEC $1.00 PC 20
Discontinued Supplier H-LINE II COTTON 3" X 6" (drop:Oct/22) TSCWDMHCOT36 $4.00 SF 20
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